PFT Says a Mid-Year Goodbye to Some Amazing Educators!

Friday, January 29, 2021
Good afternoon Sisters and Brothers of the Plainedge Federation of Teachers,
It's certainly been a highly unusual year for public education in NYS. In addition to all the rapid fire changes to our profession the year has brought, another oddity of this year has been the unprecedented amount of "off season" retirements that has occurred. According to an article from ABC NY, the amount of teacher retirements jumped 9% between 2019 and 2020. Furthermore, while most teachers announce their retirements in late spring or early summer, this year, the number of teachers announcing their retirements in August 2020 climbed 121% compared to the same month last year. Here in Plainedge, we were not immune to the increase in "off season" retirements and as such, we pause to take a moment to honor our fellow colleagues who have decided to retire during these difficult times. Please take a minute to read about our retirees, as we celebrate their distinguished careers in this newsletter and wish them nothing but the best of health and happiness as they begin the next chapter of their lives! In solidarity.
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